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Let's be wild Pants
Let's be wild Pants

    Let's be wild Pants

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    👖65% COTTON, 33% RAYON, 2% SPANDEX
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    Hi, welcome to my shop!
    I'm Luciana (Lu), a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur. I personally pick all the items for the boutique to bring you a whole new shopping experience. Here you can find unique items. There’s no mass-buying, everything is carefully selected to dress the busy urban women. You see me in the photos because I personally own all the styles I select and each one of them has to be approved by me. So, if you see me on the street passing by or posing for photos, don’t forget to say hi!
    FAQ >>>

    Why should I buy on Oui, Chérie website?

    1. Small batch items. We buy a few pieces of each item so we can deliver an exclusive experience to our customers.
    2. Tested by a real human. Lu, the owner, personally owns one of each item available on the store and wears them in her daily routine. Before an item gets available on the store, it had to be “approved” by Lu.
    3. Support Small Canadian Businesses. We’re a small up-and-coming business thriving in Canada and US markets.
    4. Good Quality. We prioritize quality over anything. Our items are selected with a very demanding costumer in mind, who wants trendy clothes made of good materials.
    5. Do business with real people. We’re not a corporation, so every purchase is important and celebrated by our team. We like to make our customers feel special and surprise them in each step of their shopping journey. We include some gifts in EVERY bag we ship and give all the attention our customers need on the website and social media.

    Where is Oui, Chérie located?

    Oui, Chérie Head-squares are located In Downtown Toronto but, right now, there’s no storefront.

    Who is Lu?

    Luciana, aka Lu, is a Toronto-based lifestyle blogger who loves to share the best tips on how to dress well and live a meaningful and happy life. Click here to read her blog.

    Can I find the same clothes at other stores?

    Doubtfully. EVERY SINGLE ITEM is chosen personally by the boutique owner and is mainly sourced from USA suppliers. She buys small batches directly from the source and tries to bring items not seen at local boutiques.

    Why are a few items available

    Because Oui, Chérie philosophy is to buy small batches, so the customers have an exclusivity experience. Besides, EVERY SINGLE ITEM  is “tested” by Lu - the owner - before she decides if it will be available at the store. She personally owns one of each item and wears them on her daily routine.

    Can I be an Oui, Chérie ambassador?

    Sure, we have a referral’s program that allows any costumer to share an exclusive coupon code with friends and followers, so you can make extra money from your purchase. Everyone can join our program here.

    Is this business legit?

    Yes, Oui, Chérie Boutique is a business registered in Ontario, Canada.

    Boutique Ontario

    Hi, I'm Luciana but you can call me Lu. I've been blogging for several years to share my passion for clothing and, thanks to that, I discovered I was not alone in my search for a cool (but effortless) style.

    That's how I came up with the idea of having my own personal boutique, where I could curate clothing for people looking for the same as me: unpretentious clothes that help us to communicate our own styles.

    I strongly believe when we feel comfortable enough on our clothes, we feel confident enough to conquer the world!

    Boutique Ontario